Essex Dog Training Centre

Est. 1979

"Voted Britain's Best

Dog Training Facility"

You do not need to make an appointment for your first visit, but you must attend the Induction before you start your first training lesson.


You will need to bring along a current vaccination certificate on your first visit only, alternative vaccination methods are acceptable i.e. homeopathic remedies. You also need to bring along a happy smile as dog training can be really good fun for both you and your dog.


The inductions start at 6.30pm on Tuesday evening and Thursday evening and 9.30am on Sunday morning and Wednesday morning and lasts approximately 20 minutes. You will need to arrive on time to enable the induction to take place before the training sessions start. If you do arrive late you may not be able to have an Induction on that day and may need to return another time.


During the Induction the Instructor will talk to you about 'how a dog works', why it does certain things and why it won't do others, why it has a degree of intelligence but nothing comparable to humans yet has a highly instinctive superior behaviour pattern much greater than humans, some safety factors and also generally what we have to offer.


Necessary information for you and your dog's benefit: If you suspect your dog may be coming into season imminently please do not under any circumstances bring them into the training centre. A season lasts approximately three weeks, and you should allow a further week after that before coming to the training centre. Also if you suspect your dog may be suffering from a congious illness please check with your vet before attending.


Duty of Care: The centre and dog owners have a duty of care, particularly if your dog has aggressive behaviour to the point where it is liable to inflict an injury on a person or another dog.  If this is the case your dog must be muzzled in a ‘baskerville’ type muzzle before it enters the complex, we would be pleased to advise you how best to introduce the muzzle to your dog.





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