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Cynophobia: a morbid fear of dogs

Cynophobia is not just a case of being afraid of dogs; it is having a morbid fear of a dog which badly affects both the child's and the family's complete lifestyle.


These Cynophobia classes are completely free of any charge and there are also groups in Kent and Surrey.  Kent Cynophobia Assistance Group / Fear of Friends.


These classes have been assessed by Psychiatrists from Harley Street and Hertfordshire University, who have written critiques about the methods used as positive and encouraging.


They take place on a Wednesday evening where Volunteers and their dogs help Children overcome their morbid fear of dogs, under the strict supervision of Chief Instructor, Roy Dyer MBE.


A document explaining Cynophobia and our teaching methods can be downloaded here.


Please email or telephone 01277 375131 for more details.

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